Global Enterprise Services Corporation - GLOBEX - is a consulting  firm focused on achieving the goals of its clients. Globex’s mission is to provide high quality consulting services to public and private sector clients operating in today’s complex global environment. In this increasingly interdependent environment, Globex's experience, strategic relationships, and data driven approach allow clients to successfully transact across a wide array of industries. 

Government Affairs


The Globex government affairs team has spent several years engaging with governments across  multiple continents.  Our team of skilled professionals possess the expertise and relationships to advocate for the priorities of our clients.  Globex understands the motivations behind the policy decisions of governments as well as the mechanics of legislative processes in developed and emerging countries.  We are well positioned to educate lawmakers in the USA or abroad about the priorities of our clients and will champion efforts to advance the interests of our clients.



Globex has been spearheading educational efforts of institutions in countries such as the USA, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Liberia.  Our professionals have held faculty positions and consulted for academic institutions and governments seeking to enhance the scope and quality of education that is being delivered to local communities.  We recognize that a high performing educational system is a prerequisite for individuals and companies to compete in what is increasingly a global knowledge economy.  Globex specializes is in designing creative solutions to significantly upgrade the capacity of the educational delivery systems at the institutional and national level.

Healthcare Consulting


The Globex healthcare team is comprised of professionals with substantial experience providing solutions to governments, non-profit organizations, and corporate entities around the world.  Our experts  possesses the knowledge and relationships to support the design, implementation, execution, and evaluation of your healthcare initiatives.  Our team members have advised multilateral organizations such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lead drug development efforts on behalf of big pharma, and created biotechnology companies to address previous unmet medical needs. 


International Trade/Emerging Markets


The pace and scale of globalization has connected previously disparate communities and generated wealth that has transformed the lives of millions around the world.  This interdependent environment has led to tremendous commercial opportunities for firms with the resources and appetite to engage international markets.  At Globex, our professionals have been operating in emerging markets in Africa, China, and Latin America for several years and has the experience to guide your efforts to penetrate these markets.