International Trade

Globalization and technology has generated significant commercial opportunities across a wide array of firms.   Companies must now compete internationally on a scale and at a pace never before seen.  Globex has an important role to play with respect to the structuring and execution of your transactions in the global marketplace. Whether you are a seller looking to sell a commodity or service or you are a buyer interested in purchasing the same, Globex is the firm that you want serving as the strategic advisor to your transaction.  Globex has facilitated transactions in sectors such as agriculture, energy, metals, industrials, and consumer goods.

In the increasingly interdependent global marketplace and at a time of significant tier one market saturation, exposure to emerging markets is critical to the financial wellbeing of your company. Our experience and relationships in emerging markets will enable your company to successfully navigate the cultural barriers, logistical hurdles and bureaucratic obstacles that have often served to impede the progression of successful transactions in emerging markets. Additionally, Globex’s relationships with private and public sector commodity suppliers and its experience structuring complex agreements will serve to mitigate unnecessary expenditures of resources and energies ultimately resulting in the expedited execution of your transaction.