Global Enterprise Services Corporation - GLOBEX - is a consulting  firm focused on achieving the goals of its clients. Globex’s mission is to provide dynamic and high quality consulting services to public and private sector clients operating in today’s complex global environment. In this increasingly interdependent environment, Globex's experience, strategic relationships, and data driven management style allow clients to successfully transact across a wide array of industries. 

Healthcare Consulting

The Globex healthcare team is comprised of professionals with substantial experience providing solutions to governments, non-profit organizations, and corporate entities around the world.  Our experts  possesses the knowledge and relationships to support the design, implementation, execution, and evaluation of your healthcare initiative.  

Drug Development, Business Development, and Licensing

Advances in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals capabilities have revolutionized patient management by providing healthcare professionals with effective life-saving treatments and state-of-the art diagnostic tools.  The ability to reach these novel diagnostic and therapeutic frontiers is the result of innovative research that increasingly focuses on:

  1. Achieving a deeper understanding of the biological basis of human diseases,

  2. Developing mechanism-based, and patient-centered (personalized) dynamic prescription medicines and treatments, and

  3. Expanding drug pipelines through drug evaluation in sophisticated disease-mimicking animal models and smart human clinical trials. 

Importantly, the comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving regulatory environments both in the United States (US), and abroad in combination with the need for rapid development of therapies for unmet medical needs, have fueled the search for better methodologies for expediting the clinical development of effective drugs. Note, only one out of every 10,000 potential medicines investigated by America's research-based pharmaceutical companies makes it through the research and development (R&D) pipeline and is approved for patient use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Winning approval from the respective regulatory agencies, on average, requires 15 years of R&D and often mandates the expenditure of over 800 million US dollars per drug.  Further to this point, potential new therapies pass through several crucial stages, navigating scientific, regulatory, and commercial targets, on their way from research laboratories to the pharmacy shelf.  Consequently, the drug development landscape is an inherently complicated and extremely difficult one requiring the highest level of institutional competence and know-how across a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary fields ranging from drug discovery, preclinical evaluation, manufacturing, clinical testing through all the developmental phases, and -- most importantly -- regulatory submission, approval, and marketing.

GLOBEX is uniquely positioned to provide consulting services to expedite the drug development process.  GLOBEX has highly trained and experienced scientific, medical, clinical research and regulatory personnel.  In addition, by having worked in the industry so long, GLOBEX has established partnerships and can leverage the development capabilities of these partnerships at every stage of R&D – exploratory, preclinical testing, API manufacture and drug product/formulation development, and clinical research.  GLOBEX has the breadth and depth of experience to be able to offer optimized solutions to meet the drug development needs of small and big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies – from study design to program design to regulatory strategy -- especially on an international scale.

The GLOBEX team features highly credentialed specialists with extensive scientific expertise and industry-recognized backgrounds of achievement within this fast-paced and hypercompetitive field. Our personnel have been especially active in the areas of infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, central nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmunity, oncology, immuno-oncology, and hematology including hemaglobinopathies.  We can provide the strategic vision and, through our partners, global operational capacity to reduce delivery time and minimize development costs.  We have a proven track record of engaging and educating the relevant healthcare professionals, thought leaders, and greater consumer market.

With GLOBEX at your side, you are guaranteed global, flexible offerings of individual services, milestone-based results, and full development solutions.