Emerging Markets

Many obstacles exist to the carrying out of commercial transactions in emerging market economies.  The recent global economic recession has served to remind the international business community of the saturated nature of traditional export markets.  As such, multinational organizations will need to increasingly look to identify new commercial opportunities in emerging market nations located in Africa and Asia. 

A large number of emerging market nations are devoid of the intermediate services and supportive infrastructures that are necessary to facilitate successful commercial ventures.  Some of the notable deficiencies exist with respect to specialized commercial intermediaries, regulatory systems, and effective mechanisms for the enforcement of contracts.  These deficits in institutional capacities serves to significantly retard the development of vibrant economies resulting in a plethora of lost opportunities to engage in lucrative transactions.

Emerging markets are an especially attractive location for commercial investment due to:

  1. The abundance of inexpensive and educated labor,

  2. Emerging market’s policy-making and business communities collective desire to be integrated into the modern global economic market place, and

  3. The rapidly expanding base of consumers with ever increasing disposable incomes.


Additionally, over the course of the last 20 years, emerging market nations represent the fastest growing international market place for the provision of goods and services.  It is in the “developed” world’s strategic interest to implement policies that effectively engage these lucrative emerging markets.  This corporate engagement mandates the configuration of strategies that integrate emerging market nations in the conceptualization of business functions that add value to any given company’s products and service offerings. 

Globex Market Intelligence is a mission critical transactional tool that should be utilized by commercial entities aspiring to transact in these novel but potentially lucrative emerging market environments.  Globex’s sophisticated understanding of various local markets and their supporting infrastructures, and its vast network of high level relationships in the policymaking, business, and thought leader communities provides its clients with the time sensitive information that is critical to the corporate decision making process.  Globex will help your organization develop a customized approach for the commercial engagement of the emerging market nations that you are targeting.  We are all witnesses to the tremendous economic growth that has resulted out of engagement with Asian nations such as China and want to continue this positive trend in Africa, a continent, which represents a consumer base of 1 billion people (and growing), plus a Fast Moving Consumer Goods consumer capacity of between 400-500 million people. The lack of information is a competitive disadvantage that correlates strongly to long-term corporate viability.  At Globex, our goal is to facilitate your penetration of these potentially lucrative markets providing your organization with a fully diversified international market portfolio.